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Announcement not Advertisement- A call to change the Medical Code of Ethics

25 May 2016

The Medical council of Tamil Nadu recently forbade doctors from having websites saying it was ‘unethical and amounts to advertisement’. As India moves towards becoming Digital India, as Justice Lodha frames new rules for the Medical Council of India, isn’t it time we revisited the principles governing the practice of Medicine in India?  It’s a small world We’re going global. The world wants to come to India for Medical treatment because Indian doctors are knowledgeable

Cost of a Test tube baby

18 May 2016

The Times they are changingWith increasing age of marriage in women , stress filled lifestyles and multiple pollutants, the number of both men and women facing fertility issues is rising. The WHO recently revised it's criteria for 'normal' semen parameters to lower sperm counts and motility. Many of these couples would benefit from simple measures. But for those who have extremely low sperm counts or absent sperms[ azoospermia] in semen [ necessitating extraction from the testes-TESA / PESA/ TE


21 Jan 2012

With Aishwarya Rai Bacchan recently giving birth to a baby girl, the natural way- no Caesarean, no chosen birth date- of her own birthday or the much sought after 11/11/11 newspapers were abuzz with this ‘abnormal’ mode of delivering a superstar. After all, she would be ‘too posh to push’. And reporters could no longer flog the story of the greedy and lazy gynecologist who waits on patients with a knife, ready to do a cesarean on any woman who does not oblige by popping out her babies a

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